The Power of Wind

Wind Farms
Kaheawa Wind Farm 1 & 2
51 MW

Kaheawa Wind Farms 1 and 2 (KWP1, KWP11) are located high on the West Maui Mountains overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the Maalaea Power Plant. Makani Nui Associates, LLC worked in partnership with First Wind Energy on all of these wind projects. The combination of the two sites includes (34) GE 1.5 Megawatt wind turbines and began operation in June 2006.

KWP11 utilizes a state of the art 10 MW/20MWh battery storage system that supports Maui Electrics Company’s (MECO) performance standards. Power produced by both projects avoids more than an estimated 126,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually, and reduces oil consumption by an estimated 333,000 barrels of oil annually on Maui.

Hilton Unemori and Kent Smith at the Kaheawa Wind Farm
The Massive Wind Turbines at Kaheawa
Former Governer Linda Lingle at the blessing of Kaheawa Wind Farm
Click the video to see Kent Smith's interview on Good Morning Hawai'i.


Kahuku Wind Farm
30 MW

Kahuku Wind Farm began operation in March 2011. Located on the country shores of O’ahuthere are still horses and cattle grazing under the giant turbines. The farm can produce enough clean energy to power the equivalent of 7,700 homes annually.

The farm is comprised of (12) Clipper Liberty 2.5 MW wind turbines. Power produced by this farm avoids an estimated 89,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually and reduces oil consumption by an estimated 243,000 barrels of oil. This project along with Kawailoa on O’ahu and Kaheawa on Maui were also brought to fruition by Makani Nui Associates, LLC and First Wind.

The Kahuku Wind Farm
Horses Grazing Peacefully below the Kahuku Wind Farm
The Massive Turbines at Kahuku Wind Farm

Kawailoa Wind Farm
69 MW

If you find yourself surfing O’ahu’s famous North Shore you can catch a glimpse of the Kawailoa Wind farm. In operation since November 2012 the 69 MW facility is capable of producing enough clean energy to power the equivalent of 14,500 homes annually. It is the largest clean energy project in the State of Hawai’i

There are (30) Siemens 2.3 MW wind turbines avoiding more than an estimated 135,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually and 300,000 barrels of oil annually.

A Magnificent Rainbow At the Kawailoa Wind Farm
Kawailoa Wind Farm
A View Of The Kawailoa Wind Farm From O'ahu's Famous North Shore