Hilton H. Unemori

Hilton Hiroshi Unemori was born and raised on Maui. He grew up in a close-knit family, with strong roots to the land and the community.

Mr. Unemori attended the University of Notre Dame where he pursued a degree in electrical engineering. He worked at Lockheed Missiles & Space Co. and Avco Everett Research Labs as a data analyst engineer, and Fuku Construction, Inc. as a project engineer and operations manager. In 1976 he along with two partners founded ECM, Inc., an electrical engineering consulting firm based in Wailuku, which serves the county, state and private sector, as well as renewable energy ventures.
Twenty years later, HIHM acquired majority interest in HHMI Corp., an electrical engineering consulting firm based in Hilo, which specializes in Power engineering and serves the Department of Defense in the Pacific Rim and the utility companies in Hawai’i. HHMI was sold to Power Engineer in 2012.

Mr. Unemori’s knack for business and his passion for seeking alternative energy solutions for Hawai’i led to a partnership in Makani Nui; which in conjunction with First Wind, developed, owns and operates Kaheawa Wind Farm 1 and 2 on Maui and other wind farms in the state. He remains a serious advocate for Hawai’i’s energy independence and passionately believes in the need for urgent action by the state, industry, and other players in developing clean and renewable sources of energy to help Hawai’i become more sustainable. Mr. Unemori has been a partner with Mr. Smith and Mr. Yamane in each successful energy project to date.

He currently serves on Boards and various leadership roles for several organizations including the Wailuku Rotary Club, St. Anthony Parish, Wailuku Main Street Association, and Catholic Charities; he is a former board member of the Boy Scouts Maui Council and Lokahi Pacific, and a state leader for Worldwide Marriage Encounter Hawai’i.

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