• A Florida suburb now requires all homes to have solar panels

    By Abigail Bechtel, Grist Jul. 24, 2017, 9:27 PM
    South Miami became the first US city outside of California to require solar panels on new residential construction and some home renovations. The city passed the law after high school student Delaney Reynolds, inspired by the laws in California, wrote to mayors in the area. "We made history Tuesday night," South Miami Mayor Philip Stoddard said. "It’s not going to save the world by itself, but it’s going to get people thinking about solar." read more
  • Regulators accept Hawaiian Electic Companies plan to reach 100% renewable energy

    By ADMIN September 11, 2017
    click here to read the PSIP read more
  • HECO plan seeks to meet state’s renewable energy goals early

    By HNN Staff Dec 24th 2016
    Under an ambitious plan unveiled Friday, Hawaiian Electric Co. seeks to achieve the state's 100 percent renewable energy goals five years early. The plan says all of Hawaii's power generation can be from renewable resources from 2040 with a mix of solar, wind, battery storage, and biofuels. Meanwhile, the plan does not include the use of liquified natural gas, as an earlier plan had. The use of LNG to meet renewable energy goals had been opposed by some, including Gov. David Ige. HECO s read more
  • The City Of Las Vegas Is Now Powered Entirely By Renewable Energy

    By Hayley Miller Dec 20 2016
    All Las Vegas city facilities ― from government buildings to streetlights ― are now running entirely on renewable energy, city officials have announced. “We can brag that the city, this city of Las Vegas, is one of the few cities in the entire world that can boast using all of its power from a green source,” Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman said in a news conference Monday. The achievement marks the completion of the city’s nearly decade-long goal to fully transition to clean ener read more

    By tno.nl News DEC 07 2016
    The energy transition concerns laying the path from fossil to sustainable energy management. Being smarter with fossil sources and ultimately making this form of energy redundant is a mix of ideals, economy and technology. The last two form the realism that encapsulates and strengthens the ideals. All three are essential. There is a lot of CO2 reduction to be gained by using fossil sources differently and phasing them out. On 12 December 2015, nearly 200 countries signed up to a new binding c read more